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~Welcome~歡迎蒞臨中山醫學大學醫學院生化微生物免疫研究所網頁 ( 博士班 碩士班 碩職班 )
中山醫學大學 生化暨生物科技研究所 與 微生物免疫研究所 於104學年度合併並更名為 生化微生物免疫研究所

The Researches of the Institute are fully supported by the Medical College and the University Hospital of the University.

Division A (Applied Science and Technology Of Biochemistry)The featured research topics include herbal medicines and basic molecular medicine, focusing on the application of natural products and translational study in human disease such as cancer, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, and diseases of endocrinology. The major research techniques employed are biochemical technology, proteomics, molecular biology, immunology, and protein functions.

Division B (Microbiology and Immunology)The major research interests are microbiology, infection, autoimmune diseases, molecular and cellular immunology and tumor immunology. It is our goal to promote collaboration between basic and clinical research and development in medicine.