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~Welcome~歡迎蒞臨中山醫學大學醫學院生化微生物免疫研究所網頁 ( 博士班 碩士班 碩職班 )
中山醫學大學 生化微生物免疫研究所 與 醫學研究所 於109學年度合併, 請本所考生們注意報名時選擇 醫學研究所 生化組 或 微生物免疫組



The institute aims to cultivate the students’ knowledge and skills in biochemical biotechnology, microbiology and immunology to engage in relevant researches that is in keeping with the national policy of developing biotechnical and medicinal industries. Our curriculum includes both basic and advanced courses, covering basic sciences and clinical applications to provide theoretical insights and practical knowledge. Students are required to attend seminars to train their presentation skill, scientific thinking and critique ability.